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Welcome to Balanced Living Acupuncture!

We want to help you regain your health and maintain your wellness. Acupuncture is a medically recognized treatment or complementary therapy for numerous health issues, a few of these are listed on our Treatable Conditions page. Balanced Living Acpuncture is a leading provider of medical acupuncture in Central Georgia.

Planning for Your Visit

During your first visit as a new patient, you will spend up to two hours with the acupuncturist, Dr. Blanca López, who will review the information provided on your intake form, ask additional questions to get a complete picture of your condition, discuss the treatment plan with you, and perform your acupuncture treatment. Your initial visit will be between $180 and $240 dollars depending upon the complexity of your condition. Subsequent visits range from $65 to $150 depending upon the time required for your treatment and whether you have new problems to be addressed. Payment is expected at the time of service. You will be provided with the necessary billing information to file with your insurance company. While acupuncture has gained acceptance in the medical community, not all insurance companies cover acupuncture treatment.